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  • Quality Management, including Development, Implementation, Maintenance / Monitoring and Simplification of applicable 'Quality' Management / Assurance Systems or Control mechanisms and related topic training i.e. System Management and Internal Auditing INCLUDING advice on ISO 9001:2015

  • Safety Management, including our 'Work Safe' scheme, Risk Assessment guidance/sign posting, Safety Auditing, Method Statement Composition guidance, Safety Training i.e. Safety Awareness, Refresher Training, Conducting Risk Assessments, Manual Handling etc.. &/or the Development, Implementation and Maintenance / Monitoring of applicable Policies and Arrangements INCLUDING advice on ISO 45001:2017

  • Fire Safety, regarding the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order including Risk Assessments and related Fire Safety Recommendations, the Development, Implementation and Maintenance / Monitoring of applicable Policies and Arrangements, Training re. Fire Awareness, Fire Refresher Training, Fire Wardens / Marshalls & Fire Safety Management

  • Auditing = Internal: Process, Performance, Vertical, System or Management, Supplier/Contractors, Operational, Compliance, Added Value - Improvement and Vulnerability, all complying with ISO 19011 specifics

  • Assessment Support = UKAS Guidance, Pre UKAS Assessment checks, Support with or during UKAS and/or Regulatory Assessment visits and Desktop Adequacy Reviews

  • Food Safety, including Safety Auditing and development / implementation of applicable HACCAP Controls

  • Environmental Management, including determining relevant but significant aspects, related legal specifics, supporting controls &/or the Development, Implementation and Maintenance / Monitoring of applicable 'arrangements' and related topic training i.e. System Management and Auditing: Site &/or System INCLUDING advice on ISO 14001:2015

  • Personnel / Resource Management & Organisational or Personal Development, including Recruitment, Employment Law compliance, Grievance / Disciplinary / Dismissal guidance, Staff Evaluations / Appraisals, Induction Training, Job Descriptions, Staff Development Planning, Training Needs Analysis etc...

  • Business Continuity Planning / Management, related to Premises, Services, Facilities, Communications, Logistics &/or IT Provisions with regard to ISO 22031

  • Legal Compliance / Vulnerability Reviews / to applicable UK legislation

  • Risk Management & Risk Based Thinking / focusing on either people, services, processes, the work environment or the facility itself and of course the ISO Management Systems where this is a standard requirement

  • Security Industry Management, Electronic, Physical, dog related or Manned Guarding related regulatory Standards & Codes of Practice, Private Security Industry Act Compliance, SIA Approved Contractor Scheme guidance / support &/or NSI Gold &/or Passport Scheme guidance / support and CCTV Scheme Audits

  • Process & Performance Management / focusing on continual improvement and process ownership

  • Realistic and practical Internal Auditing support - Business Analysis biased, H&S, Quality &/or Environment

  • System Management Support = via our 'Q-Share', 'Work-Safe', Part Time Manager or 'E-Share' support schemes

  • Supplier / Contractor Management & evaluation or improvement

  • Effective Business Management including Planning & Evaluation

  • IT / Information Security Management and GDPR / DPA 2018 ICO compliance

  • Compliance Support, either in a Governance role or as part of a Compliance Committee

  • Management / Effective Leadership Guidance