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Client comments

"Wow! They are streets ahead of the Consultants and Auditors we've used in the past. They quickly identified what was wrong and where we were shy on things, gave us excellent advice to correct the situation in a practical and effective way. Now we've found them, we will certainly hang on to them & will gladly give out references should they need us to!

Our old Advisor retired. It wasn't until we spoke to S.e.H., that we realised just how the previous guy had let things slip, leaving us potentially vulnerable. Fortunately S.e.H. not only identified the problems, but quickly and cost effectively sorted them out for us too..

Their knowledge of their fields is excellent. We quickly learnt they know their stuff and that they can help provide business improvement suggestions that really made sense.

"we had used consultant auditors before but it wasn't until we found S.e.H. that we realised just how lax the ones we'd used actually were. They introduced us to added value auditing that identified areas of vulnerability and ensured compliance, whilst not forgetting our business needs and practicality. We would recommend them anytime"

"If any potential customer needs a reference on how excellent S.e.H. are, put them straight through to me" [Many Such Client names available for this if required]

"The support on Tenders and/or Surveys is second to none"

"S.e.H. has made a massive impact to the number approvals we hold - and they made it all very easy and straight forward. Without them, we would still be thinking about it"

"They keep us one step ahead of the game at all times, its very reassuring. A very cost effective and professional service"

"They helped us to understand what was really needed. They certainly know their stuff. "Their service and support was exceptional"

"Their audits have helped us to improve & Comply in many areas"

"The Management System they developed for us was simple, straight forward and easy to understand and use. "It was an investment to bring S.e.H. in to help us"

"The Fire Brigade commented on how good their Fire Risk Assessment was"

"Their auditing helped us to improve both our performance and the Management System that we had"

"They helped us to obtain our approvals quickly and easily"

"Since they took over our Risk Assessments and Safety Management,
our safety awareness and performance has improved considerably"

"They keep us on the right tracks at all times"

"The Assessors were extremely impressed with the Management System that S.e.H. developed for us. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation"

"If you want to have Management Systems that works for the business - employ S.e.H."

"We leave it to them and get no problems with our Assessment Body as a result. We see them as an invaluable asset to our business"

"Our HSE Inspector commented that the H&S Management System they provided for us was one of the best he'd seen"

"Their Safety method statement hit all the right buttons, enabling us to obtain the new contract without any problems"

"They just fit in with us and the way we work. All we have to do is to give them a call with any problem, and then they just sort things out for us quickly and easily"

"We've used them for years and they have always helped us constructively. They are excellent value for money"

"They made it much easier than we ever expected. It was all second nature to them"

"Very responsive. Any concerns and they sort you out quickly and easily. Always there when needed"

"Excellent Value for Money. A true asset to us"